Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First day at the gym...

..was a success, more or less.

I decided to join in this all-girl gym because i realized a few things happening in me. First, my waistline is getting very large, i haven't been moving much since i started working, i have been getting sick and fainting spells easily lately, and the ultimate... i can't wear my clothes anymore!!!

So the first thing was the treadmill. Ok, no big deal. I was on it for half an hour. When i got off, i felt like the world is coming after me and i can't seem to stand still. WOAH! Talk about first time! O_O I managed to get my balance, then on towards that cycling machine. Ok, another half an hour. Oh dear my legs were hurting. Managed to survive, i felt a little lighter. Then on towards the normal gym equipments. Pretty nifty. after all that, i felt a little lighter, and also my reflexes seemed to be a little faster too, which was incredible. See i'm typing this pretty faster than before. :p LOL XD

Hopefully i can keep up with the gym. I just wanna have a healthy life that's all. The stress and everything, the work, so i figured the gym can really release it all in one go, in a healthy way.

My goal? I would so love to wear my old clothes back! LOL XD!!!!


Foozma73 said...

glad to hear it went well! :)

Anonymous said...

Go go chaiyo!!

k. Ely

Foozma73 said...

Have you been back for another workout lately?