Monday, March 31, 2008

Tsunami in my life

Earlier in my life, i used to think that the rest of my life would be dull, boring, lifeless. I guess coz of what i went through in high school. It was the bleakest darkest moment of my entire life. From there i guess i picked up all the negativity there is and i believed i was a born loser.

Yadda yadda yadda.

That was 10 years ago.

Now, my life seemed to pick up a pace so fast that i couldn't stop the car from speeding 180km/h. There i was, trying to find a steady job. It was not easy, because people tend to take advantage of your skills and talents. I did some freelance job, mostly in illustrations and comics. It was the freelance job that gave me income to survive. It also built up my self- confidence step by step. I met a lot of nice people on the net, and also ugly (characteristic) ones too. I also met a lovely lady who loves gardening and flowers. :p You meet a lot of people on the net, but the true one stays and walks with you.

Then it all happened dramatically. I got a job offer from a publishing company. And i got the job in an instant. I heard that no one asked for the job yet, and ironically someone left before i came in. Also, it appeared that i was the only female illustrator in that company, and also quite good in drawing for pre-schoolers and childrens book. From then on, my life was a roller coaster. I was invited to be the committee member of peKOMIK, a Malaysian comic movement organization and a Biro of Higher Learning. It was sweet, that someone actually put their faith in me.

Another tidal wave. The International Book Fair. I was selected to represent my former college to be on stage and talk about my experience. I didn't liked the idea because i could get a stage fright, but i agreed anyhow. They wanted me to display my artworks too, along with some of my friends that i am helping along.

A major one just hit me yesterday. My first episode of The Cavaliers #1 was out and on sale! I was so excited and happy, there was no words to describe how wonderfully speechless i got. All those times, i kept saying that i would like to publish my comic, all the while... and it actually came through. I really did not know how to react. The only thing i could do was to thank God for giving me the patience and strength to get me through this. Alhamdulillah, syukur! Yes, all my hard work, it finally pays off! =D

I do not know what is going to happen next. I just hope it won't give me a heart attack! ;p

To all my friends and family who never gave up in my dreams, who never laughed at me, who always are so eager to see how enthusiastic i get when i tell them my comics, who understand the need for me to buy comics and figurines as well as toys, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Cavaliers #1 are for you. :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Designer kitty anyone?

NEW YORK - Goodbye Goldendoodle. Designer dogs are so last season. Now animal lovers are clamoring for cat crossbreeds - and they are sparing no expense on the latest "it" pet.

Hybrid house pets were originally developed to create well-behaved companions that don't shed. But with unmatched cuteness and likeability, crossbreeds like Puggles, Labradoodles, Yorkipoos, and Schnoodles drove demand among the dog-loving set.

Now mixed-breed cats, with their beauty and stature, are causing a craze for those with a fondness for felines.

And for some, no price is too high for a designer kitten.

"For our customers, money is no object," said breeder Simon Brodie.

Brodie used a "secret recipe" to mix an African serval and Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat, to create the world's most expensive feline hybrid.

The Ashera, an exclusive product of Brodie's firm, Lifestyle Pets, resembles a little leopard and can weigh up to 30 pounds. But it's more suited for lounging than stalking prey.

"They are very friendly, very affectionate," Brodie said.

Although an Ashera costs $22,000 (plus $6,000 for the premium placement option, which will expedite kitten delivery by about six months) Lifestyle Pets has already sold several cats to customers around the world since the pricey pet was unveiled last May.

Once an order is placed, the Ashera is hand delivered (the cost of delivery is approximately $1,500 within the United States) by a representative who remains on hand for a few days to answer questions and facilitate the transition. Asheras come fully vaccinated with a microchip identifier, a supply of kitty food and cat toys, access to an animal behaviorist, and a year of veterinary insurance included.

There's even a certificate of authenticity that includes an image of each kitten's DNA "fingerprint." But what else would one expect for a cat that costs as much as a car?

Brodie says that his company will keep the supply small, developing less than 50 cats each year to uphold its unique appeal - and high price.

Although the Ashera may be the most expensive mixed-breed offering to hit the market recently, it's certainly not the only one.

Other popular hybrids include the Bengal (part Asian leopard mixed with a house cat), Savannah (part African serval, part house cat) and Chausie (part jungle cat, part house cat).

Holly Hummel, who has been breeding hybrids for 20 years, says demand for exotic blends is growing, and the pricier the pet, the more sought after it seems.

"The more expensive ones move faster than the less expensive ones," Hummel said.

Even though her top-of-the-line Habari-breed cats range in price from $10,000 to $12,000, "most of our kittens are spoken for by about two weeks of age," she said.

But does coughing up that kind of dough guarantee a perfect pet?

With any designer hybrid, "there are things to watch out for, as far as genetic defaults go," cautioned a spokeswoman from the International Cat Association.

But, generally, emerging exotic breeds are well monitored, she said. "We're very careful that there is no genetic downside."

That means pet owners can rest assured that their investment in a designer cat will not disappoint - that is until the next hot mix hits the horizon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Firefighter uses CPR to save tiny dog

WEST MONROE, La. - A firefighter performed mouth-to-snout resuscitation and revived a small dog he found lifeless in a burning mobile home.

When firefighters arrived at the blaze in northeastern Louisiana Friday, a resident of the house approached firefighter Stephen "Odie" Odom and told him two dogs were trapped inside.

Odom entered the house and found the two tiny terriers in pet carriers in a smoke-filled room, and shuttled them to safety.

When he removed one of the dogs from its carrier, Odom noticed it was not breathing and its tongue was hanging out. The firefighter removed his face mask and placed the dog's head inside so the oxygen could blow in its face.

When the oxygen didn't work, Odom began performing CPR on the dog by "cupping my hands around the dog's snout and blowing until I could feel his chest expand," he said.

"I then did chest compressions similar to that of infant CPR. After approximately one minute of doggie CPR, I noticed the dog trying to breathe on its own."

Five minutes later the dog began looking around and was given to the owner of the house. An oxygen tank was left with the animal.

Fire Prevention Officer Curt Meachum said he was glad the dog's life was spared.

"We do not know the dog's name, but we could just call it 'Lucky,'" Meachum said.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I have nothing better to do

Fun Superhero Quiz For Blog

More fun quizzes from structured settlements.

Which Marvel Super Hero Are You?
created with
You scored as The Human Torch

A daredevil, heart throb, and practical joker, Johnny Storm is always getting into trouble. He has a knack for it. He loves breaking the rules which greatly irritates the other members of the Fantastic Four. Still, he is a loyal and true friend who will always come through for them.

The Human Torch


The Punisher




The Thing




Mr. Fantastic








The Invisible Girl






The Hulk


I admit, i love being the Human Torch one day. I so love this guy, and Mike Wieringo did the best drawing of Johnny Storm. *snifss*

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Never Alone

Dedicated to all my friends out there. :)

Ideas for Cavs #2

Not much really. I wonder if i can tell a little about how it all started, since no one knows for sure how or why are they like that. From the beginning. How Jordan is linked to the demon world, how Cornelius plays the major role in protecting both Earth and Eyria (or was it Eory? need to check back my notes). I have the images and storyline and storyboarding in my head. I just need to write them all down.

I was also thinking of incorporating the keris. It's a traditional Malay and Indonesian weapon. And it is associated with the martial art called silat. I found a perfect candidate for that, and it will be..... (drum rolls please).....



I see him as Hang Lekir actually.......

One thing i noticed, silat is an international sport. So it's like.. very cool and that's why i wanna incorporate silat in the cavs' world. Just an idea though *shrugs*

Cavs are go!

^____^ I prefer it to be in black and white. :p