Sunday, May 18, 2008


Eversince me best friend RumbleDaisy sent me this link of Zedge, i was very hooked on it. I love the wallpapers they provide, i have been downloading loads of it eversince. Now i'm trying to make my own. YEAY! Zedge is way cool, coz of the fact that i love to personalize my cellphone. LOL!

Also i am working on to xerox my comics for the KL Convention Center book fest this coming 25th.I don't have the enough money to order some copies of Cavaliers #1 at the moment, so i will have to resort to xeroxing my master copy. It's cheaper that way/ *shrugs*

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Foozma73 said...

I'm having a lot of fun at Zedge too!

One thing though... they do regularly go through and take out any ringtones that had copyrighted songs used in it... and any art that they think is low quality or mistagged...

They pulled 3 of my wallpapers and I had to re-upload them with a better resolution... so... I did! :)