Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, hello 2009

It's kind of sad that 2008 is leaving us all. In about 45 minutes time, the baby 2009 will appear and start saying bye bye to old man 2008. Recapping back the year before, there has been tremendous change, tears, happiness, awesomeness and all sorts mingled in my so-called life. I broke up, i met new friends, i got quite a few freelance project, i was way behind my Cavaliers #2 schedule, I quit my job as an illustrator, i bought over RM1000 worth of comics, i had a crush on someone 6 years older than me but it fizzles off, i haven't been drawing much lately this year and i guess because there's no motivation, i was given a post in the Pekomik, the organization of comic enthusiasts as the treasurer, i have a great family at Main Enterprise (that i sometimes leave behind a few months due to very bad time management) and lots more things happening. Needless to say, i have learn a lot of new things, experience crazy and extreme emotions and i feel rather happy about it. I hope that 2009 will be so much better and iam looking forward to being a new person. I will be officially 30 years old on September 17th 2009. Wow. 30 years old. Scary.

You've been a great year, 2008. Love you lots. (hugs the old man 2008)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random pics from my phone

I have this habit of taking random pics from my cellphone.

Comic Fiesta 08

I attended the Comic Fiesta 08 as a volunteer for the Pekomik Booth. I didn't prepare stuffs of mine to be sold at the booth though. I was busy helping out my 'little sis' with her comics, doujinshis and bookmarks. It's her first time selling her artworks and i must say, most of the visitors liked her work. Made me proud that i managed to teach her a few ropes on comics and stuff. LOL XD! I made new friends, met old friends, hang out, laugh, joke, whatever. It was pretty much tiring and exciting at the same time. There were some awkward moments when i met my old college mate and i had no idea what to talk about. I'm not too sure if i ever want to do it again next time around. I'm planning to experience a comic convention in America instead. And i'm hoping to meet all my friends there. To name a few, Jim Main, Lance Boucher, Sam gafford, Jack Bertram, John Lambert, Dennis Kinniger, Wally Lowe, Jim Salicrup, Todd Dezago, Colleen Doran, Mike Wieringo (OOPS! He passed away...) and many others. But i am so looking forward to meet my best buddie and my big sis, Jennifer Wheaton and family. :D I would like to soak up the culture, and everything. It'll be fun! What an adventure yeay! XD

Friday, December 26, 2008

Nostalgic moments

Things that i was very much crazy over back in the 90's...

The New Kids On The Block. Oh yeah. Very crazy over them indeed. In fact i was inspired by them, the Cavaliers were born. :p

Inoue Takehiko's Slam Dunk. I was so excited about this anime and manga because the strokes and the way he draws humans are just so.... amazing. and he still draws amazing anatomy. Kudos to Mr.Takehiko!

And of course, not forgetting the Legionnaires. I fell in love with them in 1994, while i was browsing for comics at a local bookstore. It just hit me on the head and i'm a big fan of Legionnaires and Legion of Superheroes since then. Not turning back. And i really like this penciller who drew this version. Anybody know who he/she is?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Symphony lives!!

Photoshop hiatus

Funny that i can't seem to find my photoshop and illustrator cs3 cd. I know i've put it somewhere. I hate it when i misplaced things! Baka! LOL XD

Comic Fiesta is coming soon. On the 20-21st December. I'm working on Cavaliers #2. Yesterday I've discovered my very early version (not really THAT early) of Cavaliers and it's about how they met and how the Cavaliers came about. Very very different from the idea i have now. In fact, it's so different that i have forgotten how i actually start thinking about it in the first place. But as i read through the 46 pages of comic that did, i felt very nostalgic about it. Something deep within me moved and i smiled the whole night. I realized this Cavaliers project has been in my blood ever since, and i certainly can't be parted with it. They're like my family. My sons. I need to look after their well-being and i need to protect them from any harm. Yeah it sounds kind of corny, but i really love them. After all, i created them. LOL XD!

I started listening to Vanessa Mae's Contradanza. I haven't heard the song for awhile. This particular song inspired me to draw the robust energetic attitude of the Cavaliers and their distinguishable passion for adventure. Every rhythm, every harmony, every notes, has a drama and story unfolding within it. I was very much excited to relate the group with this music. It's so much fun and there's abundance of freedom in the music. It's almost as if it's portraying the every essence of being youths, teenagers, children. It's the freedom of life itself. Wow it's giving me goosebumps!

I'm going to try my hands on drawing Nova Kane, E-man's partner and maybe girlfriend i suppose.

But i need to get me a photoshop and illustrator first. :)

Oh by the way, here's some pages from the early Cavaliers comic i had worked on.

The idea is pretty lame. I'm happy i developed it into something entirely different now. XD And no, Jule's body is not as beefed up as in the above comic.

Gotta get photoshop after lunch. In the meantime I'll work on the latest Cavaliers #2. I think i'm going to be very happy getting back on track again. :)