Thursday, October 30, 2008

Freelance art lecturer?

I had a ball at Sekolah Tengku Ampuan Rahimah today. Not only did i get back to my old school and embedded within my head the nostalgia, but also i had the privilege to share my comic experience with the school students. Which to me was a harrowing experience. Nevertheless it taught me something valuable - confidence.

So anyway me and my partner-in-crime 'Z' went to the school at around 8am. Turned out that we were late at presenting because of some technical problems. But we managed to start off and 'Z' was the first to present his modules. I was sitting trying to ease my nervousness by drawing and doodling. Unfortunately it didn't actually work.

All the while he was presenting folios after folios, my heart was pounding ferociously. What will i say to those kids? Will i faint? Will i freak out? All these questions popping in my head made me agitated and i had to rush to the toilet. When i came back, the first session was over and the students came to me for advise and demonstration.

I met this wonderful artist. Her name's Siti Hajar and she showed me her work. Which was really excellent to say the least. Manga die-heard by the way. Which was pretty cool. Even Kaoru (Malaysia's own manga artist) would be impressed. Everyone else showed their works. They had really great talents. Too bad no one's taking them seriously.

I had a ball drawing fast sketches for them. They were all surprised that i completed a full bodied pose in 2 minutes. Me and the kids chatted and exchanged tips and tricks, and experiences. Then came my time to conduct the workshop. I started to tremble.

The first few minutes was okay. I had their attention by introducing myself and what i did for a living. Then i started getting all mixed up. I knew i did some text and keywords, but i just had trouble explaining it. Moments later i saw some kids yawning away. So i had to think fast. I taught them how to draw figures and emotions. Luckily that worked. Although i think i must have elaborated the points too detailed, i think i was beginning to enjoy myself.

I gave them free comic books for their effort in answering questions and coming up to the stage and draw a few things i asked them too. Some were too shy but that was okay. I eyed a few enthusiastic participants, and i knew they're very serious in drawing comics. After the whole thing was over, the students thronged to the table i was at and gave me their A4 sized papers. They wanted me to sketch them drawings. I felt kind of flattered and they didn't want to let me leave.

But everything has an end and we had to leave. A few students caught up with us and were telling us how excited they were about the workshop. Z decided to let me be Siti Hajar's mentor, and i must say, i was very happy. It had always been my dream to teach kids how to draw. We went on to the mamak restaurant and had ourselves a hearty lunch. I had my fried noodles with fried chicken while 'Z' had his friend noodles with squids. Eeeewwww.

We will certainly conduct more comic related workshops to various schools in Klang. I'm looking forward to this adventure. It was intense, but at the same time exciting and educational.

Comics, anyone?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The road goes ever on....

Hah! Bet you guys are wondering where i got the title from! It's what Bilbo said in The Hobbit, if i'm not mistaken. I think so.... aww nuts i don't remember much. But yeah he said that.

Now that i'm happy that the net connection is here to stay... (OH PLEASE STAY!) i can get in touch back with the world. Wow... my dA has been idle for months! So's Myspace and a whole bunch of other sites. Scary.

Lots of obstacles and crazy stuff i have to put up with soonest. So i hope i'm brave enough to face them. I don't have a sword or a bow, but i know i have a spirit in me. *wink wink*

Did this artsie out of boredom while the technicians were fixing my connection somewhere out there...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New artworks?

I hope so. I've been pretty idle for years. Haven't come out with a comic book. Sad to say. I think i'm kind of scared to admit that i might have artist's block. LOL XD! Well, i hope i can fight that off soon. going to draw and draw and be like the old times. Cheerio!

Care for an ice-cream? :)

Static for a few weeks

Hari Raya is here again. I've been busy handling guests and foods for the festival. I met lots of my relatives, near and far and it's neat. What's not neat is that my internet is failing me for the past few weeks. I was kind of bored without the net. Finally i'm online again. Whooppeee. :p

Oh i found this while i was cleaning my room...

It was a study of how Legolas would look like if he was a slave, and Aragorn as a young brash ranger looking for adventure. :)