Monday, May 12, 2008

The 'Kids' are back

The New Kids On The block. Saying the name brings out hysteria among young women and children during the 80's. I was undoubtedly one of them.Their charms and innocence and child-like quality, and of course their songs moved me into a level and a place that i have never known in my entire life. It was euphoric. Ethereal. I was worshiping them back in those days. I would have cold sweat screamed my lungs out upon hearing even their individual names. I would hurt anybody who talked bad about them. That was how crazy i was back then. A real hardcore NKOTB fan. Blockheads, they call it.

Now, 15 years later (OMG i can't believe i am getting older!) they are coming back. With the resurgence of Take That, Backstreet Boys, Wet Wet Wet, they definitely chose the right time to make a comeback. And certainly a great timing because of the release of Cavaliers #1 *clears her throat*. My innocence child-like screams make it to the surface once more as i squeal and scream in delight, hearing the greatest news of all.

I am still a blockhead at heart, and yes, i can't shake it out of my life. Why, they have inspired me and motivated me. It is because of their inspiration, that i created The Cavaliers, at first just for novelty, but now, everyone can appreciate it. I have no idea how they did that to me, but they did it. And it's wonderful. One day if i could get a chance, i would personally like to show them a copy of The Cavaliers and i definitely want to see their reactions. LOL! It's nice to dream. :D

Oh wow, i am very much excited for this! NKOTB is coming back! For the love of music,, adventure, appreciation! They're coming back! OH WOW! *SQQUUEEALLL*!!!

And to tell you the truth, when i was watching this vid, i was an 11 year old kid again, screaming and having an adrenaline rush. Way ta go, guys. You still go the right stuff! :)

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