Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Brush of death

When people say don't bring your frustrations on the road, they mean it.

I nearly fell off a bridge trying to chase a crazed woman driver, because she drove like mad next to me. I kept tailgating her and i could not lose her from my sight. Already that stress and tensions that i kept in me were all getting out through my driving. I felt an adrenaline rush when i avoided 4 cars from colliding and crashing in them.

After all that, i cooled down and realized i was trying to kill myself.

I was very much stressed these few days. It took me long to realize that i was working on other people's folio than my own. I have not started on working on mine. And plus, my in-house deadline was long due. Editors were all angry at me. At one point i was preparing to even get a 'you're fired!' letter from the boss above. I had so many things to do in so little time and i was very much drowning.


Life must go on.

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Foozma73 said...

well, I'm glad to hear you made it through that driving incident okay.

Very dangerous stuff!

Remember, Fie... in the work world, cover your own butt first, as that's the butt that will end up getting kicked by the boss...

... everyone else's stuff can just fall into place when there's opportunity.