Monday, April 21, 2008

Cavaliers #1 reviewed!

Cavaliers #1 coverCavaliers #1 by Noor Hafizah

Malaysian writer and artist Noor Hafizah makes her comics debut in this new small press comic from Main Enterprises. The Cavaliers are a five young men with one foot in late adolescence and the other in early adulthood. The introductory page provides stats on each as well as a brief backgrounder on the story's realm.

The influences of RPGs, Manga, and superhero comics are nicely melded into a rich fantasy world filled with demons, goblins, elves, and magic. The young Cavaliers each possess unique powers plus the ability to transform into the innate spirit that lies within—dragon, werewolf, demon, gryphon, and serpent.

Hafizah has obviously immersed herself in the world of this series. It's clear that she's spent considerable thought on the background of her characters and the history of their worlds. The story itself is action oriented; filled with battles employing both brute strength and magic powers, but there's also plenty of threads that begin to reveal the more complex history beneath the surface that ultimately drives the story.Panels from Cavaliers #1

The characters, artwork, and humor seem targeted at younger readers, but there's enough substance for anyone who enjoys a good fantasy to find worthwhile.

Hafizah's artwork is strongly influenced by Manga: her cartoony/realistic style is ambitious and nicely rendered. The first issue of Cavaliers marks a strong debut. Let's hope there's many more editions.

Cavaliers #1 is 28 b&w pages, plus color cover. Jim Main, publisher. Richard Sullivan, production manager. Wally Lowe, colorist (front cover). It's available for $3.95 (postage paid) from Main Enterprises. Noor Hafizah (aka Lady Fieza) on Cloven Hand Comics and ComicSpace.

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Kak Eli said...

Congrats Fieza. I am soo pround of you. U go girl!

Kak ely.

The (u know who...) said...

fieza i just opened ur mail.. well.. tgk2 blik ohh ari ni la br ko anta.. Congrats! good review there, this is definitely a stepping stone for you to do more comics and explore more... keep up the good work and all the best! nnt aku banje ko.. jom tgk Iron Man! =)

Anonymous said...

Instant Fail... The shame of Manga/Comic fans and doujin makers. but well i guess not many people in Malaysia have read works such as

A truly sad event for the degradation of art works. Come on, at least challenge oku hiroya (Gantz) on art work, or Oh! Great (Tenjho Tenge) in character design. All i can see are characters and monsters that scream "lame!!" all over the place.

Anonymous said...

ooooh, look.... a flamer showed up...

buzz off, buddy... if it was bad, it wouldn't have gotten such a nice review, and it wouldn't be selling as well as it is...