Sunday, December 28, 2008

Comic Fiesta 08

I attended the Comic Fiesta 08 as a volunteer for the Pekomik Booth. I didn't prepare stuffs of mine to be sold at the booth though. I was busy helping out my 'little sis' with her comics, doujinshis and bookmarks. It's her first time selling her artworks and i must say, most of the visitors liked her work. Made me proud that i managed to teach her a few ropes on comics and stuff. LOL XD! I made new friends, met old friends, hang out, laugh, joke, whatever. It was pretty much tiring and exciting at the same time. There were some awkward moments when i met my old college mate and i had no idea what to talk about. I'm not too sure if i ever want to do it again next time around. I'm planning to experience a comic convention in America instead. And i'm hoping to meet all my friends there. To name a few, Jim Main, Lance Boucher, Sam gafford, Jack Bertram, John Lambert, Dennis Kinniger, Wally Lowe, Jim Salicrup, Todd Dezago, Colleen Doran, Mike Wieringo (OOPS! He passed away...) and many others. But i am so looking forward to meet my best buddie and my big sis, Jennifer Wheaton and family. :D I would like to soak up the culture, and everything. It'll be fun! What an adventure yeay! XD

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