Friday, December 5, 2008

Photoshop hiatus

Funny that i can't seem to find my photoshop and illustrator cs3 cd. I know i've put it somewhere. I hate it when i misplaced things! Baka! LOL XD

Comic Fiesta is coming soon. On the 20-21st December. I'm working on Cavaliers #2. Yesterday I've discovered my very early version (not really THAT early) of Cavaliers and it's about how they met and how the Cavaliers came about. Very very different from the idea i have now. In fact, it's so different that i have forgotten how i actually start thinking about it in the first place. But as i read through the 46 pages of comic that did, i felt very nostalgic about it. Something deep within me moved and i smiled the whole night. I realized this Cavaliers project has been in my blood ever since, and i certainly can't be parted with it. They're like my family. My sons. I need to look after their well-being and i need to protect them from any harm. Yeah it sounds kind of corny, but i really love them. After all, i created them. LOL XD!

I started listening to Vanessa Mae's Contradanza. I haven't heard the song for awhile. This particular song inspired me to draw the robust energetic attitude of the Cavaliers and their distinguishable passion for adventure. Every rhythm, every harmony, every notes, has a drama and story unfolding within it. I was very much excited to relate the group with this music. It's so much fun and there's abundance of freedom in the music. It's almost as if it's portraying the every essence of being youths, teenagers, children. It's the freedom of life itself. Wow it's giving me goosebumps!

I'm going to try my hands on drawing Nova Kane, E-man's partner and maybe girlfriend i suppose.

But i need to get me a photoshop and illustrator first. :)

Oh by the way, here's some pages from the early Cavaliers comic i had worked on.

The idea is pretty lame. I'm happy i developed it into something entirely different now. XD And no, Jule's body is not as beefed up as in the above comic.

Gotta get photoshop after lunch. In the meantime I'll work on the latest Cavaliers #2. I think i'm going to be very happy getting back on track again. :)


Daniel W. Taylor said...

Noor, your work is very impressive! I look forward to seeing your version of Nova. Good luck in finding your PS disc!

Anonymous said...

Cavaliers #1 was a great comic. I think the old Cavaliers look good too.