Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ideas for Cavs #2

Not much really. I wonder if i can tell a little about how it all started, since no one knows for sure how or why are they like that. From the beginning. How Jordan is linked to the demon world, how Cornelius plays the major role in protecting both Earth and Eyria (or was it Eory? need to check back my notes). I have the images and storyline and storyboarding in my head. I just need to write them all down.

I was also thinking of incorporating the keris. It's a traditional Malay and Indonesian weapon. And it is associated with the martial art called silat. I found a perfect candidate for that, and it will be..... (drum rolls please).....



I see him as Hang Lekir actually.......

One thing i noticed, silat is an international sport. So it's like.. very cool and that's why i wanna incorporate silat in the cavs' world. Just an idea though *shrugs*

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Foozma73 said...

:) sounds good to me!