Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random pictures

I haven't uploaded my pictures from my camera because my USB port is a little haywire. So i had to do it in the office. I didn't realize i took quite a lot of pics myself. Oh and also from pics from me mobile phone too. Here's a few anyway. Enjoy. ;-)

EJ and Abg Syem. We're all taking our breakfast at a mamak restaurant before starting the workday.

Abg Syem, Adiepek (Bg Zamri) and Mizi.

Sunrise on my way to work.

A cat at the office. I call her Comot. :p

The gang playing a few rounds of carom.

My table in my room. Kind of messy a little. :p

My worktable in the office.

Working on Dr.Strange pin-up.

The adorable Ciki.

Me and a 'fan'. LOL! XD

Fairies dancing the night away during Christmas

Kinda sleepy while reading a comic book

Wonder what are they thinking of

Ciki enjoying fluffy bed early in the wee morning of my sleep

My friend Shazry trying to be as macho as ever. (those guns are not real, mind you)

Drawing a sketch at an exhibition

Looking cheery with my friend Abg Syem

Pippin is not happy with her new collar.

"I really hate this collar! Take it off!"

1 comment:

Foozma73 said...

I loved the photos! The office cat looks a lot like my Dad's cat that passed away on Christmas day....

Beautiful sunrise too!

I want to come to Malaysia so badly... Everything looks so much brighter and happier there.