Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My first post here

I noticed a lot of my friends have their very own blog spot, and i decided to join in the bandwagon. Most recent blog i went to was Sam Gafford's Cranky Old Man blog. And then WHAM! Why not? So here i am, figuring out how to use this new thingie. It's pretty fun though.

I will think of what to actually post in this little blog of mine. I purposely put the title The Cat Meows in honor of my 2 lovely children, Pippin and Ciki. And yes, they're cats. I think they deserve it anyway.

It's the Islamic New Year today, Awal Muharram. And it's a holiday. I get to relax at home, feed the cats, hang out with me mum, and get the artworks done, the ones that have been lying on the table for so long. I know i have been lagging a very long time and i think it's time for me to get things going. After all, someone jolt me yesterday by saying..."Do what you love to do, and don't follow what others tell you to do. If you like it, then do it". And i was like, yeah... he's right. I guess i was burdened by what everyone is telling me what to do recently. It's like being Frodo except the ring is nowhere to be found. :p

As Mike Shinoda would sing for Bumblebee in the Transformers movie, check on the rap, second to none!! ;-)

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Glenn Walker said...

Excellent start to your new blog. :-) Happy New Year!

Faelarwen said...

Thank you so much, Glenn! ^^

Elsa said...

welcome to blogspot. i'm a newcomer to here. its glad to see you in the same place.