Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beaten by a kid!

My niece and nephew came for a visit today, since it's a holiday and all. She just started Primary one a few days ago. Her name's Nadia and i loved her so much. ^_^ Although she talks a lot but i guess that's ok.

She showed me her new board game called Junior Monopoly. She wanted to play it with me and i was like okay. Sounds fun. at first she was loosing all the way because i kept buying every land on the board. LOL! Then her mum told her to buy the lands too and in the end she won every round! I was humiliated by a 7 year old kid! Darn it! But i guess it's ok. It's for fun anyway. LOL!

Later in the evening i have to pick up a cat. You see, last week, i found a stray kitten walking aloof by the roadside. She was near starvation and the car was zooming by her, i had to rescue her before the car banged her up. So i brought her back home. Trouble was, she was very sick and my 2 cats hated her sight. So i had to send her to the vet. She had worms and her eyes was in a very bad state. I had to leave her there for the docs to treat her. I called her Brownie. But my mum called her Scruffy. I think i like Scruffy better. :p So today i brought her home. The docs gave me a free cage and a few samples of cat food. Which was a very good deal to me.

So now Pippin and Ciki ran off somewhere and they're very angry at me. Well, i hope they'll be ok in a few days. I can't just leave Scruffy out there again. *shrugs*

This is Ciki. ^_^

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LordShazam said...

Good for you for rescuing that kitten! Too many people would have just drove by and ignored the poor, little thing. I hope your other two 'kids' adapt to the change. It can be hard for them to accept a new addition who might be taking up more time and attention. Post a picture of Scruffy!