Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012....the all new ladyfieza?

2012. If i'm not mistaken, last few years were very ironic and funny years. Everyone's babbling
and debating about how the world will end in 2012. Some say a meteor will come crashing on Earth,
as how a huge meteorite crashed on Earth like a thousand million billion years ago. Some say
it'll just end like that, with a snap of a finger. Movie makers started gushing out their ideas and
of coz, mullas (which means money of coz) to create scenes that might happen when the 2012 disaster arrive.
Like the movie 2012? I'm not a big fan of the movie much, but... eeehhhhhh... u know.... so-so.
But i'm glad the puppy in that movie is safe and sound. If he drowns in that ship, i will curse the director.
Forgive me, i'm an animal lover.
2012. The girl whose name is Ladyfieza has awaken. And she is in a different realm. A realm of motherhood. To think that she now has a small princess to take care of....her own flesh and blood. Such a gift from Allah is to be loved and pampered. She is after all, my precious...... (with the gollum slang there, mind you). I am very thankful to be married to Dicky Ishkandar. We have our ups and downs, yes. We met wwaaaayyyyy before. Since the first time i spoke to him, to ask him about his health. Hahahhahah it was cool. We laughed, we cried, we joked, we argued together. We broke off, we came back, we clased, we came back. And finally, we came back for good. God is Great. Alhamdulillah. We're very happy together, with Little Adawiyah. Although i admit, at this very moment, we're having a little trouble, but heck...that will never put us down. InsyaAllah, things will be alright. We're doing okay. :)

2012. Did you know that i have not touched my pens, pencils and papers since i got married and little Adawiyah came along? Right, 2 years! *nods* and what happens when i want to start drawing The Cavaliers? Right, my hands are kind of stiff! *shakes head in despair* I miss my arts, i miss my characters ; the Cavaliers, so bad. I created them since i was in high school, and i'm attached to them ever since. They're my babies. I miss them so much. I need to start back drawing. I gotta! Their adventures hangs by a thread. So many things happened, bad, worse, worst. I made my art career go down in jeopardy. Just because of my laziness, chronic procrastinating and of course, low self-esteem. I admit, I was not confident with myself before. I get edgy when everyone else managed to publish their work, and not me. I guess part of me tries too hard to be that person in her dreams ; a well-respected comic book artist. I would like to start drawing again. I miss my friends too. Jennifer, Jim Main, John Lambert, Wally Lowe, doc Boucher, Sam.... and more. I miss a lot of people. Another reason i'm a little late in coming back is because I am afraid so much that my friends will not like me any more. that my friends will think that i am nothing but a loser. Yes, i admit it again. And i'm being frank now. Now i just want to fix my life again, my art life. My hobby, my career. I wish that my friends will give me that second chance. I've been knocked down a lot of times, but i will come back again. Will you guys give me a second chance?

2012. I am going to look for a job now. Yup. I have a kid and a family to take care now. "With great power comes great responsibility." Heard that before? It's Spidey of course. I think i do have great power. It's within me. And the responsibility is too much to bear. With great power, comes great responsibility. You're so damn right, Pete. I will try my best to show my quality, myself. My husband told me that. "Show them your quality."

Sorry for yapping and babbling. It's been 2 years since i last babble in a blog. Hahaha. :D The good old days..... :)


Sam said...

So great to hear from you again! And how wonderful to see the pics of your little one. Much bliss and happiness to you! And, of course, you can always come back! Small Press has a long history of people coming back and forth for various reasons and always being welcomed. So grab those pencils and GET TO WORK! ;)

nori shamsuddin said...

yezza.....fieza is back in action. this time around with lots of love surrounding her....miss ya dearie :)

Nikki said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH *Squee* congratulations!! I was wondering if you'd be around again! I agree with Sam...GET TO WORK! Heheh! I can't wait to see your new work! But take care of the little one, I'm sure you'll be a great mother!! :D

Foozma73 said...

I love & miss.you so much, Fie! It's nice to have you back in my life after such a long hiatus! *hugs*

Foozma73 said...
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John Lambert said...

Congratulations Lady Fieza. It's great to see you return. The little one is beautiful.