Monday, April 20, 2009

PWTC's stint and i froze

I've been given a chance by MBBY (Malaysian Board on Books for Young People) to do a short presentation and talk on how to break into the US comic industry at Putra World Trade Center (PWTC). This was the 2nd time i'm presenting in front of the crowd. First was at a school.

I thought everything would be okay. I had prepared some texts and some visual aids. The crowd were getting bigger and bigger. I realized i was biting my nails. Then the session started. I was going to be the next after this guy present his talk on how to write novels.

Then my time came. I froze.

I started panicking and i fumbled through my texts. I was saying things that i didn't write, i didn't prepare. The crowd kept looking at me. I was terribly terrified.

Then the questions and answers session. A few questions i could answer, but came the time bomb question. I couldn't answer it, but i tried every possible way. I felt very awful already and i told the other presenter to go on.

I hid in the toilet for half an hour.

Then when i came by, most of my friends rushed to me and gave me support. I felt pretty okay after that.

Later in the evening my friend told me that i was on tv. Wow, i must have been very excited to hear that. I guess it's worthwhile after all.

So the next workshop will be next month. I hope this time i can curb my stage fright.

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