Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pekomik Awards and Illustrator Gathering 2009 at PWTC

I'm glad the International Book Fair 2009 at PWTC is over. Been really busy and been running here and there helping around with the errands and the chores. It's been fun, i met new friends, familiar faces and hyperactive kids. Didn't get a chance to check out the books though because well, been running up and down creating havoc and being panicky all over. LOL XD!

Anyway, I get a chance to present the awards to the winners of the Comic Awards 2009. So i get to go back and forth on stage and meet the winners and pass them their trophies and certs. Whoopee. Met up with my hero, Nora Abdullah and seriously, i actually cried when i held her hand. Since i met her last year, her works and her aspiration gives me the motivation to keep moving on in the comics world. After all, she's Malaysia's first female comic artist. Thanx for the great comics, Nora! You inspired me to the level where i feel so humble at your presence.

The awards went well but it's also kind of controversial. Some people are not really satisfied with the results, and because of that not much people came by for the Illustrator's Gathering the next day. Only 12 people showed up. But we still had a good time discussing the woes of illustrators and stuff. I think smaller crowds are easier to control.

I'm happy to say that next month i'll be moving forward by giving workshops and talks (still need to curb my stage fright) to school kids across Selangor. I think i like working like this. It beats being in the office 9 to 6.

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I regret not going. Sigh.

Well, better luck in the future, I love you! :D