Monday, July 14, 2008

A brand new day

As of a few weeks ago ( i don't remember and i intend not to ) i left Cerdik Publications for a greener pasture. I am now back to being a full time freelancer. I had such bad times in the company. With so many back stabbings and bad-mouths and under-appreciative eyes ( not to mention double agents and spies about )around, no wonder so many people left the company. And they actually made it big out there. I'm one of the staff to leave alright. Unintentionally, but drastically leave.

I'm tired of being the subject of ridicule and blame. Hey i can't help it if I'm an outgoing and rebellious person. Maybe because i hang out with the guys often. I dunno. Another thing is that... i worked my buns off just to produce illustrations for school kids. Making sure that the artwork will make them smile. My intention is to educate the kids at the same time entertain them. It's very disappointing when they were arguing about my strokes, saying it's not appropriate. Huum... no one complained the last 6 months. Why now? So there is something fishy going on. True enough, i heard that they are going to sake me for good. To get a more cheaper illustrator because they can't afford me. Not that my salary is the lowest in the company anyway. No joke. So to get even, i decided to resign before they fire me. Nobody predicted this but who cares? I just went off. Tata. Adios. Slitzweitz. Sayonara. Selamat tinggal. And all that.

It's been 2 weeks since i left. Guess what? Right after i left, i managed to get 3 projects. :) Yup. 3. Thanks to my buddy and great friend ( an a pirate ) Abang Zamri, he guide me to various companies in need of illustrators. The first one was from SJ Group of Companies. Mr.Faisal wanted me to create a children's book based on his 7 year old son Rayyan. It's called The Dreamy Adventures of Rayyan. Which sounds pretty interesting. Next was the Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka ( )project. Adapting the Malaysian history and legends into comic form. Which sounds very cool and challenging. If the project kicks off, i hope i can be one of them. It'll be a pioneer project so... you get the idea how excited i am. :)Then another project. This time i am approached by 2 ustaz ( ) who also happens to be cartoonists ( way cool! ) as well. They want to find girl comic artist and it's so hard to find one. Enter Abang Syem and he recommended me to them. They want me to creat 3 muslims girls to be made into a comic for girls. Well, they need a girl to draw a girl's comic right? So i accept the challenge. :)

Pretty exciting life i am going through now. Now that the pc is fixed ( it got struck by lightning and the phone line went dead ), all i need to do is to install a few softwares ( boy do i need to learn InDesign )and some other stuffs and voila! I can start doing my work! this time i really need to keep myself in check because i do still owe Uncle Jim ( Hahahahahha i feel like saying that ) a few comics. And i mean a few. *gulps* Wow, i will be quite busy, and that's a good thing. :)

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Foozma73 said...

Better get to work there, girlie!


It's nice to see you happy about work again!