Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Main Place

Thanx to Jack for checking out my blog posts. Heck i really miss the Main place a whole lot. But i'm trying to finish a few pages of Cavs #2 so i can prove to Jim that i'm not a very bad person after all. So far i got 5 pages.... LOL XD But i am pushing it! Eeek Eekkk!

The Main place..... sounds like an idea brewing in my head.... ^_^

Reminds me of the song called Paperback Writer by The Beatles.

Heck i love the Beatles! *screams for Ringo*

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Anonymous said...

Take it one step at a time Noor. I have two pages that Jim has been waiting for. I started them over a month ago. I'm almost finished, but it's been a long haul just to get two pages done.

I like the beatles too and I have a few of Ringo's albums.